Safety first. And second and third…

At Blossom we take the safety of your investment very seriously.
Yes, we’ve brought in the big guns of Fortlake Asset Management Pty Ltd.
Blossom’s investment strategies are conservative.

We use the best.

Blossom’s bond portfolio is held by JP Morgan Securities.

EY audits Blossom.

Cyber Security Protection

We adhere to the NIST cyber security standard to protect you from criminal activity. This is the global standard for cyber security protection.

Data Privacy

Your data is encrypted and stored offsite. We will never share, sell or rent your personal information. Ever.

Amazing Account Protection

ID verification, forced log outs and multi-factor authentication help ensure only you can access your account.

So how do we make money?

BlossomApp only makes money after you do.

We work hard curating sensible investments that help your savings grow.
It’s why we offer a targeted 3% p.a. rate of return. To us, it’s a target because we are only paid once Blossom reaches that.

There are some ongoing costs to cover, we keep our technology up to date and pay really smart people so they can focus on making good investment choices. An annual fee of 1% to the responsible entity helps cover those costs.

But don’t worry, you won’t be charged that fee individually. No money will be taken from your account.
The 3% p.a. targeted return is net of fees and expenses, which by the way is calculated daily so every day you can see your money grow.