Dated: 10 July 2023

Issued by: Gleneagle Asset Management Limited
ABN 29 103 162 278
AFSL Licence 226 199

Set and Save Challenge


Eligibility: The Set and Save Challenge (Campaign) is open to all existing and new funded savers in Blossom Fund who are residents of Australia and aged 18 years or older (and subject to these terms). Employees of BlossomApp, its affiliates, and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Campaign.  

Campaign Period: The Campaign will commence on July 10 2023 and end on 1 October 2023 unless ended earlier by BlossomApp (Campaign Period).

How to Participate: To enter the Campaign, participants must complete a recurring payment that successfully invests in Blossom Fund during the calendar week within the Campaign Period.

Recurring Payment Requirement: To be eligible for the weekly boost, participants must have an active, successful recurring payment into Blossom Fund during the Campaign Period.

Weekly Boost: Each week during the Campaign Period, one (1) eligible participant will be randomly selected to have their recurring payment matched by BlossomApp, up to a maximum of $500 per week.

Winner Selection: Winners will be selected via a random draw conducted by the Blossom team within 2 business days after the end of each week during the Campaign Period. The random winner will be drawn using a randomised number generator on Google corresponding to a spreadsheet of recurring transfers in that calendar week. The decision of the Blossom team is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

Winner Notification: Winners will be notified via email within 2 business days of the draw. If a winner cannot be contacted or fails to confirm their eligibility within 2 business days, the Blossom team may select an alternate winner.

Reward Fulfillment: The reward’s payment amount will be invested in Blossom Fund and credited to the participant’s account for their investment in Blossom Fund, shown in the Blossom app, within 2 business days of the winner's confirmation.

General Conditions: Blossom Fund means the currently issued class of Blossom Fund, a registered managed investment scheme.

The Campaign is provided by BlossomApp Pty Ltd(BlossomApp). Any obligation or other liability to provide the boost and to manage the Campaign is the responsibility of BlossomApp .The Campaign is not registered as a lottery, prize or game of chance anywhere in Australia.  The Campaign will be discontinued or will not be offered in connection with any State or Territory of Australia if their laws require registration of the Campaign in the relevant jurisdiction, as determined by BlossomApp.  

BlossomApp may cancel, suspend, or modify the Campaign in general or in relation to a specific person (even if otherwise eligible) in any case if there is any regulatory reason or if there is any unreasonable manipulation or exploitation of the Campaign or if there is any fraud, technical failure, or any other factor beyond its reasonable control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Campaign, as determined by BlossomApp in its sole discretion.  For example, without limiting this, a person who makes a recurring payment but promptly withdraws all or most of that investment may be considered to be ineligible.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions amends or changes the product disclosure statement for Blossom Fund (PDS), its Target Market Determination or rights of savers as members of Blossom Fund.  References to “savers” are to members of Blossom Fund who have funded their Blossom account with by acquiring units in Blossom Fund, shown in their Blossom account. Potential savers using Blossom Fund should consider their objectives and financial situation and needs and read all of the PDS before investing in Blossom Fund.

BlossomApp’s boost in the Campaign to a successful participant’s investment will be completed when the additional investment isi ncluded in the total investment displayed in the saver’s Blossom account.  

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits a member’s rights to withdraw any or all of the investments in Blossom Fund at any time(or any other rights as a member). Despite BlossomApp’s right to limit eligibility, any payments made to boost an saver’s account will not be reversed.

The member is solely responsible for taxation on the boost payment, on earnings on the boosted investment and on withdrawals.

Personal Information: Any personal information collected during the Campaign will be used solely for the purpose of administering the Campaign and will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy for Blossom Fund.

Governing Law: The Campaign and these Terms and Conditions are governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws in force in NSW, Australia.