“I was sick of getting screwed on my savings. Blossom's 3% p.a. return made getting a home deposit a lot easier.”

Nici Berman, 25

If you’re saving for a house, a car, a holiday or just because,
Blossom gives you the app you need.

Targeting a 3% return p.a.

No sign up, transfer or withdrawal fees

Your earnings are calculated daily (not yearly)

We do it by offering everyday people like you access to returns from fixed income bonds, something up until now only the big end of town had access to.

Join thousands of Aussies watching their savings grow

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Grow your savings without costing the Earth.

Not only is Blossom good for your savings, it’s good for your conscience.

By carefully curating what we invest in, we make sure we invest only in the good stuff.

It’s called ethical investing. No coal, no oil, no dirty investments. No getting a return at a cost we can’t bear.

Plus whenever you join Blossom and fund your account a tree is planted for you.

At Blossom we believe your money can do good as it grows.

Download the Blossom App and join thousands of Australians growing with Blossom

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Blossom’s savings calculator.

Saving for something? Blossom can help you get it faster.

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The smarter way to save.

You’ve never been able to save like this before.
By harnessing the power of technology and fixed income investing we are able to give ordinary people a new choice when it comes to savings.
No more piggy banks or money sitting around earning very little.
No more locking your cash up so you can’t get it when you need it.
No more big risk moves to try and get a decent return.
We believe Blossom is a sensible option.