“Blossom’s return made getting a home deposit a lot easier. Finally I’m proud of my savings habits, I’m ticking off my savings goals one after the next.”

Nici Berman, 25

If you’re saving for a house, a car, a holiday or just because,
Blossom gives you the app you need.

We’re giving everyday people access to returns from fixed income bonds, something up until now only the big end of town had access to.

5.95% p.a. targeted returns

to help your savings grow

Save on fees

with no sign up, transfer or withdrawal fees

See your savings grow daily

for the first time

Join thousands of Aussies watching their savings grow.

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Grow your savings and help replant the earth.  

We’ve made it our mission to support responsible investment. We’ve adopted our ESG Policy. Read our policy here.

Plus, whenever you join Blossom and fund your account, a tree is planted for you in a bushfire affected region.

Download the Blossom App and join thousands of Australians growing with Blossom

Download the Blossom App and join thousands of Australians growing with Blossom

Download the Blossom App and join thousands of Australians growing with Blossom

Download the Blossom App and join thousands of Australians growing with Blossom

Reach your savings goals with Blossom’s savings calculator.

Blossom can help you get to where you want sooner. Let the calculator work its magic.

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The smarter way to save.

You’ve never been able to save like this before.
By harnessing the power of technology and fixed income investing we are able to give everyday people a new choice when it comes to savings.

  • No more piggy banks or money sitting around earning very little.
  • No more locking your cash up so you can’t get it when you need it.
  • No more big risk moves to try and get a decent return.



How do I save with Blossom?

It’s easy to get started:

1. Sign up in minutes – through the iOS or Android app or get started on the web
2. Fund your account – you can automate your top-ups!
3. Set a savings goal – or save it for later
4. See your savings Blossom every day – enjoy 3.5% p.a. targeted returns posted daily

What does ethical investing mean for Blossom?

Blossom’s mission is to leave your savings and the environment much better than we found them. Not only is Blossom good for your savings, it’s good for your conscience. No coal, no oil, no dirty investments. At Blossom, we believe your money can do good as it grows. Learn more about our ESG expert, Dr Kylie, and how she keeps our investment team accountable

Is Blossom a passive investing app?

Yes, Blossom is an app that provides access to passive investing opportunities starting with the Blossom Fund. The Blossom Fund is a fixed income fund with a portfolio of cash, semi-government and government bonds, mortgage-backed securities and more. We believe it’s an easier and fairer way to save. With no minimums, no account fees and daily earnings so that everyday your savings can grow.

“3.5%, 3.5%, 3.5% - thank goodness I’m now earning TRIPLE on my savings and Blossom posts my earnings every day! I don’t have to wait until the end of the month like I have to with my bank interest.”

Taryn Levin

Customer Success Manager

“No coal, no oil, no gas in their investments. It’s guilt-free savings! I love that they plant trees for customers too.”

Mimi Nightingale

Marketing Manager, Brand & Corporate

“Blossom’s 3.5% p.a. returns have made saving for a home much easier. Best part is, I found my dream home, withdrew my home deposit and had the full amount in the bank on the same day. I’ll be back Blossom.”

Dan Danilov

Operations Manager