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The best part about Blossom is the flexibility it offers. When I finally found my dream home, I was able to withdraw my deposit and have the full amount in my bank account on the same day. No waiting around or dealing with complicated processes. Thanks to Blossom, I've achieved my goal of purchasing my first home, and I couldn't be happier.


First-home buyer

A balanced approach to saving and investing

Before Blossom, fixed income investments were difficult to access directly, complicated, and costly to enter - but our goal is to make saving and investing accessible for all.

Investments access:

  • Cash

  • Semi-government & government bonds

  • Mortgage-backed securities

  • and more!

Which Blossom is for you?

At Blossom, you choose the way you want to save.

Targets 5.95% p.a.

Giving you freedom and flexibility whilst you save

For savers looking for:

  • More convenience - enjoy easy, simple access to your money when you need it. Start investing with just $5!
  • Consistent returns - targeting 5.95% p.a. in returns, compounding daily.
  • No account fees - no sign up, transfer or withdrawal fees.

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Targets 7.00% p.a.

Helping you achieve your big goals, faster

For savers looking for:

  • More returns long-term - take a long term view to saving. Start investing with $5,000 minimum. Withdrawals quarterly.
  • Higher returns - targeting 7.00% p.a. in returns, compounded quarterly.
  • No account fees - no sign up, transfer or withdrawal fees.

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