We’re helping
thousands of
Australians reach their
savings goals faster.

We do it by offering unprecedented access to returns from fixed income investments and don’t worry, we do the investing for you. Until now, the fixed income market was not for everyone. It was impossible to access, impossible to afford and impossibly complex. Blossom is leveling the playing field and bringing fixed income opportunities to everyone.

We’re here to do
some good along the

Our mission is to leave your savings and the environment better than we found them.

With tree planting initiatives and donations to cancer research, we want to empower everyday Aussies to reach their goals while doing some good along the way. We believe unethical investing damages the environment and people around us.  

So, We’ve made it our mission to support responsible investment. We’ve adopted our ESG Policy. Read our policy here.  

Blossom’s name.

Our name comes from our founder’s late grandfather, Bertie, whose nickname was Blossom.

Bertie lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in April 2020. As the family patriarch, this was a huge loss, but his spirit and ethos lives on everyday through Blossom. Inclusion, sustainability and social responsibility were strong core values to Bertie. We are donating funds from our referral program to tree planting and to the Garvan Institute to support their research into pancreatic cancer. These are causes incredibly close to the hearts of the Blossom team.

The Blossom Team

Gaby Rosenberg


Gaby is an advocate for social responsibility, and women in tech & finance. Gaby previously worked in a range of operational roles across multiple leading tech start-ups. Whilst nearing the end of a Startmate Fellowship in 2020, Gaby identified an opportunity in the fixed income market, a previously closed-market for every day Australians full of high minimums, high fees and long lock up periods.

And so, Blossom was born - an app accessible for all - regardless of socio-economic status, race or gender, offering no account fees, 5.95% p.a. targeted returns, no minimums. Gaby leads the Blossom team on a mission to leave your savings and the environment better than they found them.