$1 million in earnings posted with Blossom



Feb 21, 2023

$1 million in earnings posted with Blossom



We’re thrilled to announce that Blossom has reached another major milestone with over $1 million in earnings posted since inception.  

With $35 million in funds under management, we’re elated to share this news with our community.  

In other major news, we’ve recently increased our target rate to 5.95% p.a. This will mark the 4th rate increase since inception.

As a company, we’re as committed as ever to making fixed income investing accessible to everyone! It's why we have no minimums and no transfer or withdrawal fees.

We look forward to continuing to post earnings to our customers’ accounts every single day and to continue helping our community reach their long-term goals.  

Our mission is to leave your savings, the environment, and our community, better than we found them.

With tree planting initiatives and donations to cancer research, we want to empower everyday Aussies to reach their goals.  

We believe unethical investing damages the environment and people around us. We’ve made it our mission to support responsible investment. We’ve adopted our ESG Policy.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access a responsible and diverse portfolio.

Thank you for all your support along the way! We're proud to have reached this milestone and hope to empower more Blossom users to reach their financial goals.