Meet our Buds: Gaby Rosenberg



Jul 10, 2023

Meet our Buds: Gaby Rosenberg



Name: Gaby Rosenberg

Occupation: Co-founder, Blossom.

Do you have a saving or investing mindset? Describe your style.

I try to embrace the best of both worlds when it comes to my mindset. On one hand, I’m committed to saving because of the sense of security and peace of mind it brings me.

I’m also an avid believer in passive investing. I have a limited time and capacity for in depth research so I prefer to use my time to explore exceptional fund managers and strategies that align with my risk appetite & interests. If I chose individual stocks, I would constantly be second guessing my choices and probably selling too quickly. Investing in funds helps me approach different asset classes with much more confidence and conviction.


Do you invest actively? Why or why not? If so, what is your approach in a nutshell? What level of risk are you comfortable with?

I’m a passive investor. I feel the most comfortable investing in diversified funds. My risk tolerance aligns more with a conservative to moderate level. I prefer to focus on stability and long-term growth over higher-risk, high-reward strategies.

The wildest and most risk on I get is when I put $20 on a sports game I’m passionate about. If I lose the bet, I am left feeling unreasonably sad and wondering if it was worth it at all.


What are you most likely to splurge on?

Travel! It’s a big passion of mine. Exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and trying new food brings me so much joy. My goal is to visit as many countries as I can in this lifetime. I’m currently in a war with my colleague, Craig, to see who can visit the most countries before 2025.


Any resources that have helped you with your money - i.e., books, apps, websites, podcasts?

I love the Pivot podcast, hosted by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. It keeps me informed about the tech landscape, both in the US and globally. While it doesn’t give me specific investment advice, staying up to date on relevant news and developments is crucial for making informed financial decisions.


Any investments outside of Blossom?

I’m saving for a property so my entire home deposit is with Blossom. Otherwise, I have a very small amount invested in a few tech stocks. I also have small investments in Raiz and Spaceship which is mostly for market research.


What’s the best piece of financial advice you’ve been given? Or one piece of financial advice you’d give your younger self?

If I could offer one piece of advice to my younger self, it would be to recognise that you don’t need to be brave to invest. The fear of choosing a single stock and watching it plumet in value used to terrify me. I wish I had realised earlier that there are investment vehicles called funds, where I could choose my level of risk and have professionals handle the management. Understanding that I only need to make high-level decisions - the underlying investment, ESG characteristics, rate of return, and the risk - has proven to be a perfect fit for me. I no longer feel pressure to go all-in on Tesla or the next AI darling.


Finally tell us something you wouldn’t want your in-laws to know about you?

I am a terrible cook. Really, really, really bad.  


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