New Product Alert: Blossom Plus



Mar 13, 2024

New Product Alert: Blossom Plus



After months of hard work, we're proud to introduce Blossom's new investment option, Blossom Plus, targeting 7.00% p.a. returns!

Blossom Plus is for longer-term savers who want access to higher targeted returns. It's been designed to support you on your journey towards larger savings goals. After all, 1/3 of you are eagerly saving towards your home deposits! 🏡

Why Blossom Plus?

  • Higher returns: Target 7.00% p.a. returns.
  • Daily earnings: Earnings posted daily and compounded quarterly.
  • No fees: No sign-up, transfer or withdrawal fees.

Is Blossom Plus for you?

Choose Blossom Plus if:

  • You can commit $5,000 or more to target a higher return.
  • You are comfortable with withdrawals processed quarterly.

What's the difference? Blossom Save and Blossom Plus

Blossom Plus simply gives you another way to put your money to work within the Blossom app.  

To make things easy, we've summarised the key differences between Blossom Plus & Save:

*Blossom Save withdrawal requests made prior to 4pm Sydney time on a business day will generally be processed for same-day payment (subject to banking and payment systems). Withdrawal requests made after that time will be processed for payment the following business day (subject to banking and payment systems). For more info, check out the Blossom Save PDS, TMD & FAQs.

**Blossom Plus withdrawals are processed quarterly. Withdrawal requests made prior to 4pm on 31 March, 2024 will be processed between 31 March and April 15, 2024. For more info, check out the Blossom Plus PDS, TMD & FAQs.

Get Started with Blossom Plus

Want to get started with Blossom Plus? It's simple!

  • Install the newest version of the app
  • Open Blossom and click Funds on the navigation bar.
  • Select Blossom Plus and read the important info on the Funds Overview page.
  • Click Add Funds to start targeting 7.00% p.a. returns!

Want more info?
Check out our detailed FAQs covering key features and risks here. Read the PDS and TMD before deciding if Blossom Plus is for you.

We want your feedback!
It's your continued support and insight that has made Blossom Plus possible. We're committed to building Blossom for you, so we welcome all feedback - the good, the bad and of course, the ugly. We're so grateful you're on this journey with us.

Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out via the live chat or email at  We're always here to help.

Happy saving! 💪💪

All investments carry risk. Past performance does not indicate future performance. Please read the PDSs, TMDs and FAQs at