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Blossom Plus

Can I withdraw funds from Blossom Plus when I need them?

You can make a withdrawal request at any time through your account on the web, iOS or Android app. It can be all or part of your investment in the Fund. A minimum $5,000 account balance is required, otherwise you may need to make a full withdrawal. 

Blossom Plus withdrawals are processed quarterly (every 3 months). You can make a withdrawal request until 4pm on the final business day of the quarter. Withdrawals requested after 4pm on the final business day of the quarter will be processed in the next quarter. Don't worry, requesting a withdrawal will not impact your earnings until we process your withdrawal. This means, we will post earnings on funds you’ve requested to withdraw every day until the business day the redemption is processed.

Redeeming your savings may give you taxable gains, depending on your individual circumstances. Please refer to the PDS to learn more about how fixed income funds are taxed.

Please also refer to the PDS to learn more about how the law and the Fund Constitution have to allow for possible suspensions of redemptions and even for extended delays but we think that is unlikely.

What is Blossom Plus?

Blossom Plus helps you achieve your long-term financial goals, faster by targeting 7.00% p.a. returns on your savings. Earnings are posted daily and compounded quarterly! Start investing with $5,000 and enjoy no account, sign-up, transfer or withdrawal fees. 

Is Blossom Plus for me?

Work towards your longer-term goals faster with 7.00% p.a. targeted returns. Choose Blossom Plus if:

  • You can commit $5,000 or more to target a higher return.
  • You want to target a consistent 7.00% p.a. return.
  • You are comfortable with withdrawals processed every 3 months.

Is there a minimum investment for Blossom Plus?

Yes, there is a minimum investment amount of $5,000. 

Is there a maximum investment for Blossom Plus?

The maximum investment amount per customer is $10,000,000. If you’d like to invest more, please contact our support team at

Do I receive earnings on the funds I have requested to be withdrawn?

Yes, you do receive earnings on these funds. We will post earnings on funds every day until your withdrawal is paid.