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Go and Grow Challenge

When is the start and end date?

The start will be the week of January 29th to the final week being the week starting March 18 2024.

If I set up a recurring transfer of $20/day, does that count towards the challenge eligibility, since it totals more than $100 over the week?

We appreciate your commitment to regular saving! However, for the Go & Grow Challenge, the eligibility criteria require a single recurring transfer of at least $100 within each calendar week. This means multiple smaller transfers that add up to $100 or more won’t qualify.

What if I have a fortnightly or monthly recurring transfer?

You will be eligible for the week your recurring transfer of at least $100 lands.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners are announced weekly. If you're one of the lucky winners, you’ll receive an email notification.

Do I need to maintain my weekly growth of $100 in my Blossom account to be eligible?

Yes, you should maintain a minimum growth of $100 in your account each week to qualify for each week's draw.

How much can Blossom potentially boost my savings by during the Challenge?

Each week, you stand a chance to win a matching contribution for your week's growth, up to $500. Over the 8-week challenge, there will be 3 winners per week.

Can I join the Go & Grow Challenge after it has started?

Absolutely! You can join the Go & Grow Challenge at any point during the 8-week period. The sooner you start participating, the more weekly draws you can be a part of.

Can I still participate in the Go & Grow Challenge if I make a withdrawal?

If you need to make a withdrawal during a particular week, just ensure you grow your account balance by $100 with a recurring payment. Remember, the Go & Grow Challenge is about encouraging consistent growth, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Who is eligible to participate in the Go & Grow Challenge?

All Blossom users who grow their balance with a recurring payment of $100 or more across a calendar week are eligible to participate. This initiative focuses on encouraging consistent growth in your savings.

What is the Blossom Go & Grow Challenge?

The Blossom Go & Grow Challenge is an 8-week campaign designed to encourage and reward users for increasing their savings. Participants aim to grow their account balance by $100 or more each week. All eligible participants will enter a draw to be one of 3 winners. Winning a matching contribution to their account, up to $500.