Referral Program
Terms and Conditions

Blossom FAQs

Referral Period: The Referral Program will continue until terminated or modified by BlossomApp (Referral Period).

Referral Process: To participate in the Referral Program, users must share their unique referral link provided by Blossom with friends and family. The referred individuals must sign up for Blossom using the referral link and fund their account to qualify.

Referral Bonus: Once the referrer and referred individual successfully fund their Blossom account with a minimum of $20, both the referrer and the referred individual will receive a congratulatory email stating that they are entitled to a $10 bonus. The email will provide instructions on how to choose the allocation of the bonus funds.

Referral Bonus Redemption Options: Upon receiving the congratulatory email, both the referrer and the referred individual will have the following options to allocate the $10 bonus funds:

  1. Keep in Blossom Account: The $10 bonus can be credited to the user's Blossom account, where it will be added to their total balance. The referral bonus must not be withdrawn by both parties within 1 week of claiming.
  2. Tree Planting: The user can instruct Blossom to use the $10 to plant 10 trees through our partners, One Tree Planted. Tree planting occurs once a month at the end of every month.
  3. Charitable Donation: The user can instruct Blossom to donate the $10 bonus to the Garvan Institute for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Donations are made once a month at the end of every month.

Referral Bonus Redemption Timeframe: The users will have 14 days from the date of receiving the congratulatory email to select their preferred allocation option for the $10 bonus funds. If a user fails to make a selection within the specified timeframe, the $10 bonus will not be deployed, and it will not be allocated to any of the available options.  

Additionally, BlossomApp reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prevent a participant from claiming their bonus if there is suspicion or evidence of the participant exploiting the Referral Program to conduct further investigations to ensure the integrity of the Referral Program.

Referral Limit: Each referrer can refer up to 20 friends. For each successful referral, both the referrer and the referred individual will receive a $10 bonus, subject to the conditions. The maximum bonus a referrer can earn through the Referral Program is $200.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. BlossomApp reserves the right, with or without prior notice, to cancel, suspend, or modify the Referral Program in general or in relation to specific participants (even if otherwise eligible) if there is any regulatory reason or if there is any suspicion of unreasonable manipulation or exploitation of the Referral Program or if there is any fraud, technical failure, or any other factor beyond its reasonable control that impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Referral Program, as determined by BlossomApp in its sole discretion.
  2. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions amends or changes the Product Disclosure Statement for Blossom Fund (PDS), its Target Market Determination, or the rights of users as members of Blossom Fund.
  3. BlossomApp's referral bonus in the Referral Program to a successful participant will be completed when the referral bonus is allocated according to the user's selection.
  4. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits a member's rights to withdraw any or all of the investments in Blossom Fund at any time (or any other rights as a member).
  5. The user is solely responsible for any taxation on the referral bonus payment, earnings on the referral bonus investment, and withdrawals.

Governing Law: The Referral Program and these Terms and Conditions are governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws in force in NSW, Australia.