Meet our buds: Elliott Lyons

15 March 2023

Meet our Buds: Elliott Lyons

15 March 2023

Name: Elliott

Age: 27

Occupation: Marketing

Location: Wollongong

Do you have a saving or investing mindset? Describe your style in one sentence.

Small contributions, regularly… I can sometimes have a tendency to FOMO in, but at least I'm aware of that? Lol

Do you invest actively? Why or why not? If so, what is your approach in a nutshell? What level of risk are you comfortable with?

Yeah I try to invest a small amount of every pay check into a whole host of assets and high interest savings accounts.

What are some of the money lessons/mistakes you have learned so far? Any milestones/successes you would like to share?

Lots of mistakes and lessons. I wish I’d never sold/withdrawn any investment…

Small milestones like investing a little more each investment are some small wins and of course it’s always good seeing your investments in the green… Definitely harder to have the courage to invest when the portfolio is in the red but obviously with hindsight it’s easy to say that’s when I should have invested more.

What is one of your short-term money goals?

Save for a house deposit.

What are you most likely to splurge on?

Surf attire and food…I’m a sucker for a nice meal out and about. Tough to save when food is just so damn good!

Biggest money accomplishment to date?

Setting and forgetting about investment plans.

Any resources that have helped you with your money - i.e., books, apps, websites, podcasts?

The classics - Rich Dad Poor Dad, $100 Start Up etc. But more recently I’ve been tuning into various newsletters like Morning Brew and Instagram accounts like Equity Mates.

Any investments outside of Blossom?

I’ve got some stocks and crypto as well. Some stable performers and a couple of speccy's haha.

Who is your biggest money role model?

Grant Cardone.

What’s the best piece of financial advice you’ve been given? Or one piece of financial advice you’d give your younger self?

DCA and chill. The best, least stressful way to invest. Choose the investments I believe in and stick to them regardless of price. I’d probably be retired by now if I’d done that earlier haha.

And what’s the ultimate money goal you’re working towards?

Investment properties - I feel apps like Blossom could accelerate millennials ability to afford property… the money sitting in a good old bank account may not get me there.

Finally, tell us something you wouldn't want your in-laws to know about you…

I never go to the hairdresser. Hence the mop that has forever existed on my lid. At least I still have it though is all I’ll say (for the moment anyway haha)!


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