Meet our Buds: Jason Spyrides



Apr 11, 2023

Meet our Buds: Jason Spyrides



Name: Jason Spyrides

Occupation: Product Manager and Designer  

Do you have a saving or investing mindset? Describe your style in one sentence.

Depends on the time of year and what’s happening in the market. For me, always save and invest, they should go hand in hand!

Do you invest actively? Why or why not? If so, what is your approach in a nutshell? What level of risk are you comfortable with?

There have been stages where I like to actively invest, particularly in stocks and start ups. At the moment I’m fairly sceptical of the market in general but hopefully we get back to a booming global economy ASAP and market speculation improves.  

What are you most likely to splurge on?

Music. I buy way too much of it ranging from digital all the way through to vinyl.  

Any resources that have helped you with your money - i.e., books, apps, websites, podcasts?

Use a banking app that allows you to bucket your expenses. I love Up bank because I can split my income into savings buckets and budget for the week/month. Visualisation is key for me and their app is pretty easy to use.  

Any investments outside of Blossom?

I've been investing in ETFs recently. Too hard to tell which companies will make it out of the impending recession first so getting a little piece of all of them can’t hurt. In terms of start ups, I bought into a dating app called Snack based in the US. The CEO came from Tinder and figured she knew a thing or 2 about the industry.  

What’s the best piece of financial advice you’ve been given? Or one piece of financial advice you’d give your younger self?

I wish I could tell my younger self to buy Microsoft shares in the 90s. :P  

Finally tell us something you wouldn’t want your in-laws to know about you?

Nothing, I’m an open book ;)  


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