Podcast Feature: What is fixed income and how can you access it to reach your goals?



Mar 11, 2024

Podcast Feature: What is fixed income and how can you access it to reach your goals?



In the latest episode of "Shares for Beginners," hosted by Phil Muscatello Blossom's co-founder Gaby Rosenberg covers the often-overlooked world of fixed income investments, offering a fresh perspective on how these assets can play a pivotal role in diversifying investment portfolios and securing financial futures. Through her journey from the tech startup scene to revolutionising the investment landscape with Blossom, Gaby shares invaluable insights into making fixed income accessible to all, breaking down barriers such as high minimums and steep fees.

This engaging conversation delves into the nuances of bond markets, from government to corporate bonds, shedding light on how they fit into a well-rounded investment strategy amidst market volatility. Gaby passionately argues against the misconception that fixed income is solely for the older generation, advocating for its relevance to investors across all ages, particularly for those with medium-term financial goals.

Blossom, under Gaby's leadership, is not just an app—it's a mission to democratise financial growth opportunities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, can access fixed income investments. Tune in to this episode to explore how Blossom is paving the way for equitable financial planning and discover Gaby's vision for a more inclusive financial future.

For a deeper dive into the transformative power of fixed income investments and to hear more from Gaby Rosenberg, visit Shares for Beginners and check out Blossom's approach to accessible investing.